Right here, Right now

What's going on around you, right now? helps you out »

What is it? is mobile entertainment for theme parks, zoos, amusement parks and outdoor museums.

It enhances the experience of the visit and offers added value for both the park owner and guests in a simple, clear and easy way. simply helps the visitor to get it right - Right here, Right now - by providing selected and necessary information when needed - right on the spot! Park owners can brand the application and add unique features.

Unique features is built specifically for theme parks and has a number of unique features.

Get smart and unique notifications about events that are about to start and nearby points of interest, based on your current position in the park.

Filter out what's irrelevant with custom filters and search for information using keywords.

Show offers and marketing messages based on time and user position in the park.

Enjoy extra features - mobile ticketing, virtual rides, scavenger hunts, games and much more.


Useful and simple – focuses on user experience, is multi-lingual, works offline, offers statistics, marketing and infotainment features and above all provides the guest with only the most necessary information in a clean user interface.

We know what we do - is headed by a team of experts with long experience from both the mobile development and theme park markets.

Built to last – is cost effective with built-in updates, service and support in our subscription model and has many advantages over building your own app or mobile website from scratch.